If you’re planning on making deer jerky or venison jerky, you’ll need to use the leanest and most tender section of the deer.

So what is the best part of the deer for jerky?

If you are not a hunter, like me. I have no idea what part is considered the “best” for making deer jerky so lets first break down the part of a deer.

deer jerky meat cuts

If you have experience in making beef jerky, you’ll know that you want to use the leanest cut of meat. The reason for this is any fat or excess fat on the meat can cause the jerky to spoil quicker than leaner cuts of meat.

This same rule applies to deer jerky.

The leanest cut of a deer or venison is the backstrap, tenderloins & hindquarter.

These part has the least amount of fat and is still tender for making deer jerky. To be fair deer, in general, are very lean and any part of the deer can be cut to make deer jerky.

If I had to choose one deer cut, it’ll probably be the quarter hind leg roast since you get a big meat selection and you’ll be able to make bigger slices which are better for drying, curing and eating!